Trainings and Community Education
We offer Trainings and Community Education for professionals, agencies, and other organizations on a variety of issues. We can do a two hour training, four hour training, or fill a whole day, depending on your needs.

The following trainings are currently available:
  • Understanding domestic violence
  • Mental health issues in domestic violence
  • Determining when and how to modify no contact orders between offenders and victims
  • The relationship and communication between Probation Offices and Batterer Intervention Providers, the Coordinated Community Response and beyond
  • Anger Management vs. Batterer Intervention
  • Effectiveness of Batterer Intervention
  • Batterer Intervention 101
  • Risk Assessment
  • Domestic Violence Assessment
  • Drugs and Alcohol and Domestic Violence
  • DV 101
  • Managing stress
  • We can also consult and generate a list of other topics of interest for your organization.
Many of our trainings are offered free of charge, depending on the topic and audience. For additional information, contact our office by phone or email.
"Working with Abusive Men"
We offer a 40 hour training semi-annually on working with abusive men, featuring Dr. Christopher Huffine, Psy.D. This training meets the state requirements for individuals facilitating batterer intervention groups. This training will be held on March 5th - 7th & April 2nd - 4th. Space is limited, so contact our office for registration information.

Fundamentals Training Testimonials
  • "This presentation offers an honest, well informed, and exciting approach!"
  • "This training must be a prerequisite to working not only with this particular target, but working with victims and all involved in provider service to families affected by domestic violence."
  • "In a nutshell, this training has been awesome! In many ways, what I have learned the last three days resonated with me with all aspects of who I am, as a human and a therapist. I am looking forward to more trainings."
  • "I will recommend this training to my colleagues."
  • "I loved the training. I'm excited to get back to group and try out some of the things I learned. I'm coming away feeling more confident and competent. Thank you."
  • "This was one of the best trainings I have ever been to - Thanks so much!"
"Advanced Techniques in Working with Abusive Men"
Allies in Change introduces an innovative advanced training, which focuses on advanced techniques in working with abusive men. This two-day training features a variety of different presenters. The next advanced training will be held May 16th & 17th, 2013. Contact our office for details.

Advanced Training Testimonials
  • "All the presenters were excellent!"
  • "Very informative."
  • "I was pleasantly surprised and happy that it actually felt like an advanced Domestic Violence training. I have gotten a lot of good info that I can use with offenders."
  • "Great facilities!"
  • "Finally! Something other than the same old DV trainings!"
  • "Thoroughly enjoyed this presentation"
  • "This was the first DV conference that was worth the fees and the time."
  • "Cutting edge information."
  • "Excellent!"

Couples Training

"Identifying & Addressing Pathological Conflict in Couples" was held at the Ambridge Event Center in Northeast Portland on February 28th and was presented by Dr. Chris Huffine, Psy.D. This training is appropriate for anyone who works with couples.

The training agenda included: pathological conflict vs. non-pathological conflict, why a traditional couples model may not be appropriate for pathological conflict, what drives pathological conflict, how to screen for the presence of pathological conflict, how to work with couples when there is pathological conflict present.

Please download the brochure here to see the training details. If you would like to see this training hosted again, please contact our office to let us know.


Training Brochures
Detailed training brochures are available to download or view below. Our "Fundamentals of Working With Abusive Men" brochure is below on the left and our "Advanced Techniques in Working with Abusive Men" brochure is below on the right.


For more information about any of our trainings please call us at (503) 297-7979. Phones are answered 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Monday - Friday. You are also welcome to contact us via email at


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