Group Counseling

   Relationship Groups

Our therapy groups are designed to help people have more successful relationships. These groups pair education with an examination of members' real-life situations. Our various topic areas include communication skills, on-going support and encouragement, managing emotions, and troubleshooting real-life situations.

    Becoming Allies: A Relationship Group
Our Relationship Group, "Becoming Allies", is facilitated by Dr. Chris Huffine and is designed to help men learn how to be more effective in relationships. The group is a positive and collaborative experience that focuses heavily on communication, working with each other, and striving to change for the better.

The group makes heavy use of work and research by John Gottman, praised psychologist and recipient of four National Institute of Mental Health Awards.

   Men's Anger Management Groups

Our Men's Anger Management Groups provide an accountable and supportive setting for men to understand how to understand the root of their anger, and how to better control it. Our Anger Management program is 12 weeks in length. Groups are facilitated by highly qualified and experienced therapists.

   Men's Abuse Intervention Groups

Our Men's Abuse Intervention Groups provide an accountable and supportive setting for men to understand the role of male socialization while they examine and change their beliefs about abuse. Group members identify ways they have been abusive or controlling of others, and examine and work toward consistently practicing acceptable alternatives to abusive behavior. Groups are co-facilitated by highly qualified and experienced therapists.

   Women's Abuse Recovery Groups

This group focuses on providing support to women who are either currently in or have been in an abusive relationship. Group members work towards recovery by learning about various forms of abuse and controlling behaviors and beliefs, while learning how to set clear boundaries, develop effective communication skills, and practice positive self-care. The group offers support for day-to-day living in addition to examining the challenges of relationships.

   Women's Anger Groups

This group is for women who struggle with expressing anger in an appropriate way that does not cause concern to others, such as a romantic partner, children, family members, co-workers, or friends. Group members learn concrete skills and tools to manage anger and also address underlying attitudes and beliefs that may contribute to anger.


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For more information about our group counseling, or to schedule an intake, please call us at (503) 297-7979. Phones are typically answered 9:00 - 7:00, Monday - Friday. You are also welcome to contact us via email at

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